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Classic Michigan Barbed Axe - #9-1

Size: 6" L x 3 1/2" W

Provenance: Found in Michigan. Collected by David Zinkie.

Condition: Super. Some extremely minor damage that was all smoothed out prehistorically. Everyone has a favorite sub-type of Michigan Barbed Axe. This is my favorite, and represents the latest, and most development of the type. Front ridge is raised with an overally flattened shape. Bit is not perfect, but would give it an 8 of 10. Deep barbs with nice pointed ends. Material is dense, and shows some porphrytic spots. Classic and stupidly rare. A center piece axe.



Killer Wide Ohio Short Poll Axe - #9-2

Size: 5 5/8" long x 2 3/4" wide.

Provenance: Found in Michigan. Collected by noted Michigan old timer Clark Steinbarger. See WW#6. Sold at Steinbarger auction 4/4/1987 as lot #152. Pictured in auction flier. see below.

Condition: Super. This axe has great lines, and a great form. I like the top picture best, b/c the others don't capture the piece quite right. This is a very sturdy piece that appears to be re-sharpened into it's current size. By the width factor, this was a giant at one time. Material is light green, and polished.


Auction Flier 4/4/1987: Axe circled.


Top Shelf Axe - #9-3

Size: 6 1/2" long x 2 3/4" tall

Provenance: Michigan/Indiana border region. X: Clark Steinbarger. Sold as lot #207 at Steinbarger auction held on 4/4/1987.

Condition: Super. Very tempted to call this one perfect. I guess a few extremely minor imperfections add up to it being in the Super category. I am not entirely sure how to type this one. It is probably in the Ohio Poll Axe family, but represents a slightly different "twisted" up take on the form. The twist is too hard to explain, but the whole piece turns slightly on it's axis. Superior polish, bit is nearly perfect, raised ridges, comes from a great early collection.



Michigan Gouge - #9-4

Size: 6 7/16" L x 2 5/16" W.

Provenance: Found in Michigan. Collected by Jacob Waterlander/Richard Heitkamp.

Condition: Super. Two areas of old damage that was smoothed over prehistorically. Very well polished. Piece is not deeply concave, but enough to clearly classify it as a gouge. Midwest gouges rank among the rarest of stone tools, and most never get a chance to collect one.

Price: $150


Full Groove Axe - #9-5

Size: 4 1/8" long x 3 1/8" wide.

Provenance: Found in Richland County, Ohio. Tag is old enough that someone wrote $1.75 as the price. Figure this for the early 1950's

Condition: Super. So close to perfect. The bit is nearly perfect. The small spot seen on the second picture is the perfect angle to see it. Bet you won't even notice it. That's how insignificant it is. Great material. Love the old tag. Excellent polish all over it.



Illinois Pestle - #9-6

Size: 5 7/16" tall x 3" diameter at bell.

Provenance: Found in Effingham County, Illinois. I purchased from Bill Koup.

Condition: Excellent. In the polish category, it is perfect. Obviously used for a very long time. Some damage around the bell that is all old, and mostly polished out from use. Large dimple in the bottom. Extremely hard stone.



Fine, Fine Chisel - #9-7

Size: 4 1/2" long x 1 1/8" wide.

Provenance: Found in Scott County, Illinois by a member of the Hale family.

Condition: Perfect. Absolutely no flaws, and made exceptionally well. Get ready to own your new favorite chisel.


Iron Axe - #9-8

Size: 6 1/4" long x 3 3/8" wide.

Provenance: I personally found this axe near Washington Courthouse, Ohio. Found with other axe.

Condition: Good. Obviously, this is iron, and not prehistoric.

Price: $25. Shipping included.

Iron Axe - #9-9

Size: 5 1/4" Long x 4 1/2" wide.

Provenance: I personally found this axe near Washington Courthouse, Ohio. Found with other axe.

Condition: Good. Obviously not prehistoric, but old.

Price: $15. Shipping included.


California Pestle - #9-10

Size: 9" long.

Provenance: Found in Santa Barbara, California many moons ago.

Condition: Perfect. I can't find any damage or detractions. Highly stylized top, with a base that shows extreme polish and use. Note the mineralization on the bottom. Tools like this go beyond the simple term of tool.



Flint Celt - #9-11

Size: 3 1/2" L x 1 5/8" tall

Provenance: Denmark. X: Jacob Waterlander. I have his catalog card that will be included with relic.

Condition: Good. Highly polished flint celt. These Danish stone pieces have been collected by American stone collectors for over 50 years.

Price: $25







I like artistry in slate.

I like Porphyry.

I like bullseye banding on slate:

I like things I can't have:

I like Flint Ridge Flint:

I like Bullseye patterns on flint pieces:

I like Hematite Axes



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