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3/4 Grooved Axe - #9-1

Size: 6" long x 2 1/4" W x 4 7/8" tall.

Provenance: Sold as Lot #93 in the Ron Helman sale held on 4/26/2014. Axe was found in Ohio, and from Phil Keintz's collection. Phil was one of the founder's of Ohio Arch Society, and noted as a mentor to many of the great collectors of the early era.

Condition: Perfect. Great Salt n Pepper Granite. Well formed, great lines, classic larger Ohio form. Plenty of history and credibility behind this piece. Welcome to the upper grade of Ohio axes.

Price: $850. Exactly what I paid for it at auction.


Adze / Gouge - #9-2

Size: 5 5/8" long x 2 3/16" tall

Provenance: Northern Ohio. Elmer Rudolph collection. Elmer was an early Ohio Arch member listed in the 1951 roster.

Condition: Excellent. This piece does not like to be pictured. The feel, condition, and polish are much better in hand than it appears in the pic. This is an adze, but it is "gouging" out. I use this term when a stone tool is morphing into a gouge. You can see and feel a slight concavity on the bottom side.

Price: $75


Bit Polished Celt - #9-3

Size: 4 1/4" long x 1 7/8" tall.

Provenance: Ohio. Cliff Bauer collection.

Condition: Super. Highly polished bit area. I have heard on occassion that when the bit is polished like this that it means the piece was modernly ground. This is completely untrue, and many authentic celts show this feature. I don't know if it is caused by the "work" only rubbing against the front 3/4" inch or if it is evidence that some of the celts were hafted to that point.

Price: $50


Black Adze - #9-4

Size: 3 3/4" long x 1 7/8" tall.

Provenance: Ohio. I can't remember where I picked this one up. Found it in the back of a drawer recently.

Condition: Excellent. Some bit chatter, and a some other minor-ish dings that have mostly been polished over from use. Great dense black material.

Price: $40


Head Knocker - #9-5

Size: 3 3/4" tall x 2 1/4" wide.

Provenance: Found in Delaware County, Ohio by Jack Johns.

Condition: Perfect. Great form, worm tracked hardstone, and mini-sized.

Price: $150


Colored "Hard" stone Celt - #9-6

Size: 2 3/4" long x 1 11/16" wide

Provenance: Ohio. Bauer Collection.

Condition: Excellent. Take a look at the seismic graph looking plow scrape. I would consider this a direct hit, and you can even feel the scratches from it. You can see them, but they didn't even scratch the material. I don't know exactly what the stone is, but it must be some odd ball quartzite to be able to take a hit like that. Note the pink streaks and worm tracks in the material. This is the type of stone tool I typically keep, so you better jump on it quick.

Price: $100


Speckled Celt - #9-7

Size: 3 1/4" long x 1 3/8" wide.

Provenance: Ohio. Bauer Collection.

Condition: Super. This is a great little celt with excellent polish and condition. Almost chisel like in appearance.

Price: $60

Hardstone Celt - #9-8

Size: 4 1/8" long x 2 1/8" tall.

Provenance: Ohio. Bauer Collection.

Condition: Super. Heavy granite or diorite. High polish near 100% on one side. Other side shows pecking, but is also highly polished. Some bit chatter. On the scale of manufacture and feel, this celt sits in the upper echelon.

Price: $80

3/4 Groove Hammer Axe - #9-9

Size: 4" long x 2 7/8" tall

Provenance: Ohio. Bauer Collection.

Condition: Excellent. Great tan and green speckled granite. Interesting form that in between an axe and a hammer. "Bit" area is almost an inch wide, and completely flat.




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