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THE BIG 6 - I brought out 6 high grade true investment level relics from my collection.

Double Notch Wing Banner - #4-1

Size: 4 1/8" Diameter x 2" W.

Provenance: Found in Auglaize County, Ohio. X: Hubert Wachtel (Editor of Who's Who #1).

Condition: Super. Extremely classy relic right here. Highly raised barrel with deeply cut notches, and sawed out. Engraving on the wings. Literally perfect mineralization. Examples without this much form and age are selling for substantially more. Grab it while you can.

Price: $3500


Double Notched Wing Bannerstone - #4-2

Size: 3 9/16" Diameter x 1 3/8" tall.

Provenance: Found in Elkhart, Indiana. X: Fred Bartol.

Condition: Super. This piece represents the earliest of the Double Notch Wing forms. Don't think you can get any better banding than this. Highly contrasted, and swirled into bullseyes on both sides. There are also wormtracks present. All the age you will ever need to convince the worst skeptics.



Geniculate Bannerstone - #4-3

Size: 2 15/16" long x 2 1/8" wide.

Provenance: Found in Montgomery County, Ohio. X: Hubert Wachtel. Pictured in Who's Who #1 Page 155, Frame 15 #7. Wachtel comments that this piece is "fine".

Condition: Perfect. I have heard this type of geniculate called a "Comma", and I like that description. Not only perfect, but it also is tallied around the front of it. Signature oblong hole that was gouged out. A very classy relic.



Fluted Ball Bannerstone - #4-4

Size: 1 7/8" L x 1 1/2" W

Provenance: Found in Scioto County, Ohio. X: AT Wehrle. Wehrle catalog page will be included with this artifact.

Condition: Perfect. Concentric banding with a great flute on the bottom. People, look at the age on this piece. Why settle for cleaned up garbage in the auctions that still sells for twice what you can get this for?



Bi-Concave Gorget - #4-5

Size: 4" L x 2 1/8" W.

Provenance: Found near Brookville, Western Montgomery County, Ohio on the Ward Marshall farm. This piece was owned and labeled by Doctor Gordon Meuser, and comes from the Oscar Gerber collection that Meuser purchased in the 1920's. This piece is not numbered, and a large percentage of the Gerber collection pieces were not labeled.

Condition: Excellent. Some old damage that runs horizontal to the piece, thus not taking away any of the form/edges. Slate has a subtle purple coloration, and the banding is more like spots. A very unique grade of slate. I love how the holes are offset. The execution of this piece is so precise, with great lines and nearly perfect symmetry. Don't tell me the maker just messed up with the holes. No, this was purposeful, and maybe a hint at the usage.

Price: $750


Extremely Fine Pendant - #4-6

Size: 4 5/8" long x 2" wide.

Provenance: Found in Washtenaw County, Michigan. Collected by Donald Boudeman (his stamp is on the piece), and Cameron Parks (his name is on the piece). Two of the all times greats.

Condition: Museum. Perfection abounds with this pendant. In terms of type, it could be classed as a Trapezoidal, but it does slightly "Bell" out. Also, the base has a slight concavity. Call it a Bell-Trap with Concave Base. The execution of this piece shows that a master craftsman made it. Everything is crisp and fine with graceful lines. Banding is at a 45 degree angle to the piece, which happens a bit too often on pendants to be coincidence. It is tallied in a manner that fits in with my mirror image theory of engraving. Each side is tallied with two distinct areas on one face, and a third tallied area in the middle on the other face. The pattern between the two sides are on opposite faces. This results in each side mirroring itself, and mirroring the other side. Serious prehistoric mojo happening. This piece last sold at a Helman auction for a substantial sum more than the price now. Similar quality pendants are bringing more at the Root sales.

Price: $2250

















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