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Pennsylvania Stemmed- #4-1

Size: 2 5/8" long x 1".

Provenance: Mainheim Township, Lancaster County, PA. Wrapped onto cardboard a long time ago.

Condition: Excellent. This is a Woodland stemmed point made from a black rhyolite. Nicely made for this notoriously difficult material to work.

Price: $SoLD> THANK YOU>


Obsidian Clovis - #4-2

Size: 1" long x 3/4" wide.

Provenance: Western. Came in a collection I purchased years ago, and just found it again.

Condition: Good. This piece is very small for the type, and it shows hard work during it's lifetime. What it does have is nice little flutes, heavily ground side, and shows great age for obsidian.

Price: $75


Flint Ridge Adena - #4-3

Size: 3 1/8" long x 1 7/16" wide.

Provenance: Safe to say Ohio. Col. Vietzen collection. Old price tag from 1990's.

Condition: Super. No damage to speak of. Great two sided patination that creates distinct color difference between the sides. Large quartz veins run through the piece, and create areas of extra translucency. Classy flint.



Long Stem Adena - #4-4

Size: 3 1/8" L x 1 1/4" W.

Provenance: Kentucky.

Condition: Excellent. Nice long stem. Mineralization reminds me of a rock shelter find. Piece is thinnest just above the stem where the original percussion hit removed this piece of flint from the nodule. Material is Kentucky Blue that is nicely translucent when back lit.



Kirk/Bolen - #4-5

Size: 2 1/4" long x 1 3/16" wide.

Provenance: Alabama.

Condition: Excellent. Where does Kirk stop and Bolen begin? Is it simply a geographic difference for the same type? This one is made of nice waxy material, and serrated from ear to tip.



Orange Jasper Dovetail - #4-6

Size: 2" long x 1 3/16" wide.

Provenance: Eastern PA.

Condition: Excellent. Ear ends are nipped. Big wide base with excellent smooth grinding. Edges are highly beveled. One of those "A" materials that everyone wants to collect.



Meadowood - #4-7

Size: 3 3/4" L x 1 5/16" W.

Provenance: Found in Darke County, Ohio. Originally collected by Bernard Cotterman, and sold at his estate auction on 10/31/1982. This piece is pictured in the sale flier. The rather lengthy information on the sticker (can be removed easily) were added by Jim Phillips (a friend and one of the most thorough collectors I know).

Condition: Excellent. Large size with enough patina for 10 pieces. Meadowoods are Late Archaic, and on the rarer side. Most scholars relate them to Red Ochre Culture.



Needle Tipped Kirk - #4-8

Size: 2 9/16" Long x 1" wide.

Provenance: Southern Kentucky. X: Sedgwick.

Notes: Super. Yes, the ears are cut snipped, but it almost appears that one is sharpened off and the other is clipped. Maybe to keep the symmetry. Concave base is interesting and rare for type. Great serrations. And, an "ok" tip. Not really. The tip is about as good as you will see. Expertly flaked, and thinned. Be careful handling it, or you may end up with a hole in your hand.



Adena - #4-9

Size: 3 15/16" long x 1 3/4" wide. I tried to stretch it to 4", but the stone wouldn't budge.

Provenance: Martin County, Indiana. X: Kevin Akles.

Condition: Super. Great material that I don't want to guess at. Sort of Hornstone, sort of Coschocton. Don't think it is either. The price tag would be from the late 90's. Shows some use wear along the blade edges, but nothing that takes away from the form.



Dovetail - #4-10

Size: 4 1/16" long x 1 1/16" wide.

Provenance: Southern Indiana.

Condition: Excellent. Some dings along the edges, and a decent sized plow nick off the base. Two sided coloration with one side very light, and other side darker Hornstone. Always a great marker of authenticity. Good size, nice bevels, little serrations.



Mulberry Creek - #4-11

Size: 4 1/4" long x 1 9/16" wide.

Provenance: TN Valley.

Condition: Super. Well made. This piece has that great ergonomic feel that I like in flint pieces. I am also a big fan of the mottled Fort Payne.


Little Bear Creek - #4-12

Size: 5" L x 3/4" Wide.

Provenance: Western TN.

Condition: Excellent. Tiny pressure flakes along the edges like this type is known for. Nice size. Patinated over Dover that appears to be a water find. Great Late Archaic type.



Kirk - #4-13

Size: 2" L x 1 3/16" W

Provenance: Found in Alabama.

Condition: Good. Nothing special, but material is very waxy, and non pictured side is purple. Anybody know the material?









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