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Hardstone Grooved Bar Weight - #3-1

Size: 4 1/4" Long x 5/8" Wide.

Provenance: Jackson County, Missouri. BW Stephens collection P-31-X. According to the Stephen's catalog, this piece was purchased from Dr. Roland Bunch on 6/18/1924 for $8. That is quite a sum for the early date. Also Pictured in Who's Who #2 Page 80 under Harley Glenn. Well pictured in Upper left photo

Condition: Perfect. Highly attractive green and yellow speckled granite. Not only is it grooved around the top, but it has a very interesting notch on one end that almost looks like a mouth. In terms of bar weights, this is about as good as they get. Has everything going for it.



Preform Ball Banner - #3-2

Size: 2 5/8" diameter. It is not perfectly round, so measurement changes across the piece.

Provenance: This piece was found near Linnville, Licking County, Ohio. Collected and catalogued by famous collector AT Wehrl #3974W.

Condition: Super. The entire piece is polished and appears complete except for the hole. A great shelf artifact. There is some debate in my mind whether it is a ball banner or a pipe preform. I can give reasons for both.

Price: $50


Grooved Hematite Plummet - #3-3

Size: 2 3/16" long x 1 1/8" thick.

Provenance: Found in Liberty Township, Fairfield County, Ohio. Collected and catalogued by AT Wehrle #3681W. X: Walter Nelson also.

Condition: Super. I did poor job of picturing the groove around the top. It is a very interesting groove b/c it is almost on the very top of the piece, and is not very deep. I have called this type a "pencil groove" in the past. You have to wonder if it was even functional as a groove. Plummets have always been enigmatic, and this one certainly has mystery surrounding it.



Hematite Celt - #3-4

Size: 1 1/2" L x 1 1/4" Wide.

Provenance: Found in Fairfield County, Ohio. X: Larry Conrad.

Condition: Perfect. A fine hematite celt. Faceted on several faces and areas. Only complaint you could possibly have is that it is not perfectly symmetrical.



Memo to Fakers: These eyes have been around a long time, but still can see.

Birdstone Eyes


Super Fine Hematite Celt - #3-5

Size: 2 11/16" Long x 7/8" wide.

Provenance: Dr. Roland Bunch collection #678. Pictured Who's Who #2 (1968) Page 81 in Harley Glenn collection.

Condition: Museum Grade. I have owned many of these over the years, and this example has the finest bit I have seen. Bit is absolute perfection, and ten times sharper than most. Throw in the Bunch collection mark, and above average size, and you can't do much better within the type.



Hematite Plummet - #3-6

Size: 1 1/2" long x 1" wide.

Provenance: Ohio. X and possibly finder: Phil Keintz.

Condition: Excellent. Rich color, nice faceting and groove. Called "acorn" style. From the collection of Ohio's most famous hematite collector, and universally respected luminary collector.



Setting Sun Bar Weight - #3-7

Size: 4 3/4" long x 11/16" wide.

Provenance: Portage County, Ohio. Dr. Wm. R. Calland. Pictured well Who's Who #2 Page 80.

Condition: Perfect. You have to love the grey/tan inclusion set against this red/black banded slate. The color and form are very pleasing and artistic. Ends do show some use, but nothing that takes it away from perfect. Many would call this an Instrusive Mound Pick, but I think Bar Weight.



Human Face Pipe - #3-8

Size: 1 5/8" long x 1 3/8" wide.

Provenance: Found by Perry Brown in Mason County, Kentucky. COA by Greg Perino dated 10/15/2001 to be included.

Condition: Super. Here is what Perino said about the piece: "A small rounded pipe that has a small bowl hole and cone like stem hole. It has heavy patination except for top and bottom both of which appear to have been whittled on at a later time, yet was in the ground again to acquire newer patination." I am not sure what Perino meant by this, but I will tell you that the face appears to me to have exfoliated a bit over time. This is not unusual with limestone, and most times expected. I do not believe it was reworked prehistorically like Perino states, or at any time.



Hematite Cone - #3-9

Size: 1 3/4" diameter x 1 1/16" tall. Shape is closer to oval, so diamter varies across the piece.

Provenance: Collected by Harley Glenn in Ohio.

Condition: Super. Finely made with crisp lines and good deep red color. Very heavy. Everyone needs an example of this type.



Pottery Trowel - #3-10

Size: 2 1/8" D x 2" tall

Provenance: Unknown. Found this in the bottom of a box of stone tools in a collection I purchased. Amazing it survived.

Condition: Good. Very few survive intact. A cool and rare important tool for pottery manufacturing.



Bullseye Banded Slate Boatstone - #3-11

Size: 2 9/16" long x 1 1/4" wide x 1 1/8" tall.

Provenance: Labeled Huron County, Ohio. Looks to be Stan Copeland's writing.

Condition: Excellent. Salvaged on one end. You can even see a notch cut into the end to help with suspension. The material is superior on this example. I called it a bulleseye, but it reminds of a shark's eye also. Clearly, the prehistoric maker worked this into the design, and lined it up in the center. Deeply scooped. Did I mention that the color, patina, and contrast of the slate is beautiful.



Modern Pipe Tomahawk - #3-12

Size: 17" Long. Pipe tomahawk is 7 1/4" long.

Provenance: Was in a collection I purchased a way's back. Had it in a drawer, time for a new owner.

Condition: I have no allusions that this is anything but a reproduction pipe tomahawk and handle. The beads are modern, and the head is obviously cast. Still, a very cool piece, and the handle is particularly well done. I haven't tested the pipe with any ceremonial offerings, but it does work.



Wisconsin Wing Preform - #3-13

Size: 5" Long x 4" Wide x 1 5/8" Thick.

Provenance: Found within a 50 mile radius of Clarinda, Iowa. Page or Taylor County. I purchased from finder, and will provide buyer with finder's information, and a letter from finder stating provenance.

Condition: Perfect, but unfinished. The green in this piece of porphry almost glows in the sunlight like an emerald. If complete, this piece would be right up among the greatest artifacts of all time. Certainly would be a top piece from the state of Iowa. Piece shows incredible heft and thickness. Fluted barrel on top and bottom.


Trapezoidal Pendant - #3-14

Size: 4 1/4" Long x 1 5/8" Wide.

Provenance: Knox County, Indiana. X: David Moore.

Condition: Perfect. Piece has some staining on it, that I would not recommend trying to remove. Excellent contrasting and artistic banding. Solid pendant.



Fluted Tube Bannerstone - #3-15

Size: 4" Long x 1 1/2" Wide.

Provenance: Huron County, Ohio. X: Theler, West, Moore, Stropes.

Condition: Excellent. There is blowout near the hole, which is seen on most authentic examples of this type. The damage occurs from use as an atl-atl weight. The area on this example is smoothed out/salvaged. This piece has a very nice flute on the bottom of it. Great surface patina in a dark colored slate.

Price: $300


Elongated Ball Bannerstone (Tube Bannerstone?) - #3-16

Size: 2 13/16" long x 1 3/4" Wide.

Provenance: Barholomew County, Indiana. Dan Stropes collection.

Condition: Excellent. A few plow scars across the piece. Do you think it might be real? This piece falls into the wonderful class of no brainer. Form is somewhere in between ball banner and tube banner.



Curved Pick Bannerstone - #3-17

Size: 4 1/4" Long x 2 1/2" Wide.

Provenance: Dan Stropes purchased from finders family in Indiana. Exact details to buyer.

Condition: Super. There is a small amount of salvaged damage on one point. The surface patina is a 10, and there is even some nonsensical engravings. The polish might go to 11. Smooth as silk across the whole surface. Great bullseye on one side with a nice wormtrack. Classy bannerstone.



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