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It's Raining Drills. Lifetime Collection being dispersed.

Darl Drill - #2-1

Size: 2 5/8" L x 5/8" W.

Provenance: Bell County, Texas. Dug by Bill Arnold. Arnold COA and Dwain Rogers COA dated 7/5/2006.

Condition: Excellent. Rogers calls flint Dark Brown Colored Flint, but isn't this Rootbeer Edwards? Translucent.

Price: $50

Ohio Lost Lake/Deepnotch - #2-2

Size: 3 1/2" L x 1 7/8" W

Provenance: Brown County, Ohio.

Condition: Super. No damage to speak of. The material is high grade, translucent, and sits in a gray area between Haney and Carter Cave. When this point was found it created quite a stir in Brown County. The present owner chased it for 15 years. So rare in Ohio, and even rarer in this material scheme.


Plainview Drill - #2-3

Size: 1 9/16” L x 7/8” W

Provenance: Found in Limestone County, TX by Bill Arnold. COA from Dwain Rogers dated 5/16/2006.

Condition: Super. Does Dwain ever list a material? Whatever it is, material sure is glossy and fine. If Midwest, you would think high grade Carter Cave. And, this is a Paleo era drill. Very few of those hanging around.

Price: $100


Hell Gap Drill - #2-4

Size: 2 5/16" L x 15/16" W.

Provenance: Found in Limestone County, TX by Bill Arnold. COA from Dwain Rogers dated 6/13/2006.

Condition: Killer. I don't have this information, but not a big leap to say this one was found on same site as Plainview Drill above. Bill Arnold was known to be digging single sites back then, and these pieces line up in time period. Maybe the first Hell Gap Drill I have seen. Killer piece.

Price: $150


Thebes Drill - #2-5

Size: 3 1/8" L x 1 1/4" W.

Provenance: Boone County, Indiana. Tom Davis COA Grade 8 dated 9/6/2004.

Condition: Super. Notched drill forms are just great. In a light Hornstone.



Cobbs Drill - #2-6

Size: 3 7/16” L x 1 1/4” W

Provenance: Found in Allen County, Kentucky. X: B. Simmons

Condition: Super. Great flaking with a long "bit". Glossy hornstone.  

Price: $125


Lost Lake Drill - #2-7

Size: 2 7/16" long x 1 5/8" wide

Provenance: Found in Harrison County, Kentucky in 1961 by RT.

Condition: Excellent. Lost lake drill? Not exactly something you see every day. Snatch it up before you don't see one again.

Price: $75


Dovetail Drill - #2-8

Size: 3 1/16" long x 1 1/16" wide.

Provenance: Found West of Marysville in Union County, Ohio. Listed as X: Bob Converse.

Condition: Super. Material is a light tan/brown striped Coshocton that closely mimics Fort Payne from down South. The ears were intentionally made to line up with the basal notches. I do not feel they are broken.

Price: $150


Killer Kobbs Drill - #2-9

Size: 3 9/16" long x 1 9/16" Wide.

Provenance: Found in Jersey County, Illinois. Labeled by and from the famous Dr. Paul Titterington collection.

Condition: Super. Great piece, great patina, great history.

Price: $150


Large Hopewell Drill - #2-10

Size: 4 5/8" long x 1 3/16" Wide.

Provenance: Adams County, Ohio. X: Dennis Link.

Condition: Excellent. A few modern dings and assorted use. Form held together well. This must have been a stellar/strong piece of hornstone. Shows evidence of use as a reamer by the dulled edges. I am guessing the upturned notches are the result of re-sharpening. A big piece of flint for the money.

Price: $125


Hardin Drill - #2-11

Size: 2 1/2" L x 1 3/16" W.

Provenance: Found in Dallas County, Missouri.

Condition: Super. We got Paleo drills, Lost Lake drills, and even HARDIN drills.

Price: $75


Corner Notched Drill - #2-12

Size: 2 3/8" L x 1 5/16" W

Provenance: Found in Boone County, Missouri.

Condition: Perfect. I am guessing you Missouri boys know how to type it. I will just call it Heat Treated Burlington coolness.








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