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All artifacts sold on this site are guaranteed 100% authentic.  They are guaranteed to be made by the hands of prehistoric North Americans.  They are guaranteed to be devoid of modern re-chipping.

Each piece can be returned for a full refund for 30 days after receipt of the object.  If the buyer needs more time to have the object authenticated, please contact me for additional time.

I have added another component to my guarantee in a continuing effort to make it the best guarantee in todays market.  If you purchase a point from me and it is deemed not authentic by a recognized authenticator, I will pay your authentication fees and I will publish the piece with the letter from the authenticator at the bottom of this page.

Since 2004, I have only had 2 pieces make the wall of shame. With this new version of the site debuting in 2010, I am resetting the gallery. I hope to never use it.

I removed my list of recognized authenticators. I accept the opinion of any or all of the 100+ authenticators currently producing a COA. Along with the ever growing list of authenticators, I will accept opinions from toddlers and family pets. All I really care about is that you(the buyer) is happy and confident with their purchase.

I will issue a few words of caution: Most of the self proclaimed authenticators are unqualified or corrupt. That is the short version. I am willing to discuss the massive problems with COA's, and why they fail. Just email me. You may get more of a conversation than you wanted...



Jon Dickinson

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