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Fort Ancient Museum

Fort Ancient is located near Morrow, Ohio overlooking the Little Miami River.  It is considered one of the most important series of earthworks in the United States.  The earthern walls enclose a nearly 100 acre site.  Early research termed the Moundbuilders that made the site the "Fort Ancient Culture".  Since that time, we have learned that the Hopewell actually constructed the structures and the Fort Ancient Culture remains as one of the great misnomers in American archaeology. The museum and grounds have been renovated within the last 15 years and it is worth the trip.  The museum can be contacted at 513-932-4421.



Knife River Ross Blade

Knife River Ross Blade:

I use this piece on the banner advertisement for this website. It is a ceremonial Hopewell Ross Blade made from Knife River flint traded to the Hopewell from the Dakota's. The Hopewell trade industry is second to none within prehistoric North America.

Stone Mound

Stone Mound:

These mounds dot the entire landscape inside the "Fort".

Paleo Frame

Paleo Frame:

I love the statement on the card that says to notice the similarities as well as the differences between these flint masterpieces. This is an important lesson for all people who study prehistoric artifacts.


Slate Frame

Slate Display:

Although many of these objects have no connection with the site, they are extremely impressive. Please note the Notched Ovate on the right side.


Sign next to a display:

I find this sign very interesting. It was put up by the State of Ohio, but they fail to recognize that they have been and will continue to be the #1 destroyer of prehistoric man sites in the state.