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Cincinnati Museum Center

The Cincinnati Museum Center is located at the famous Union Terminal building 1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203. Their phone number is 1-800-733-2077. There are several different museums on the site, and each one requires a different ticket. To see the arrowheads, you need to purchase a ticket for the Museum of Natural History and Science. Inside, you will find the finest case of Archaic Notched points in existence. You will also see the best skeletal collection of Pleistocene Mammals I have viewed. The museum seems to care about their artifact collection, and even has docents carrying around authentic stone tools that they are happy to discuss with anyone who shows an interest.

Case of Cases

This case is one of the first things you see upon entering the Cincinnati Museum Center.

In my opinion, this is the finest collection or display in the world. I have seen plenty of spectacular museum displays, but nothing beats this display of Archaic Flint.


The pieces are mounted on the on solid plastic tubes, and then connected on the back. This mount allows you to see the profile of the pieces and the backside.


Side View of some of the points.



This picture shows the back mount better.

best arrowhead

This is the finest piece of Archaic Flint I have seen. It is every bit of 5" long, first stage Lost Lake, made of Carter Cave flint.

big arrowhead

My Second Favorite in the frame.


Ridiculously nice dovetails start to look common in this lot.


This one is over 6" long!!!!!!!!!!

arrowhead drawer

There are 6-8 drawers filled with great artifacts in the kids "Trading Post" area. I never knew they were they until my daughter found them.



Cannal Coal Spear Effigy - Found in the Turner Works. Don't you love the "Paleo Flaking"?


Giant Sloth- Bad picture that reminds me of the bad guys in "Alien". This animal stood about 9 feet tall!

saber tooth

Saber Tooth Cat- The front canine is around 8" long. Ouch!!!!!!



Bison - This guys skull even looks mean.


Here is the view you would not want of a live one.


Moose- About the size of a Volkswagen micro-bus.

dire wolf Dire Wolf- Reminds me of the old Grateful Dead Song "In the timbers to fennario, the wolves are running round...." Seriously, not your average dog.