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Bottleneck Benton - #1-1

Size: 4 3/8" L x 1 1/2" W.

Provenance: Found in Crittenden County, Kentucky. Dick Burnett collection. Pictured in Central States Arch Journal 2006 #3 Page 145 (see pic below). Pictured Legends of Prehistoric Art Volume II Page 260 (see pic below).

Condition: Museum. This one checks all the boxes. Material check. Killer hornstone with the addition of a great half moon shaped bullseye. Form check. These Benton Bottlenecks are some of the finest manufactured points of the Archaic complete with thinness and killer flaking. Condition check. I can't find any flaws. Provenance check. In one of KY's best collections for many years, and pictured in multiple highly reputable publications. You are going to have to pay up for it, but it will surely be worth more when you pass it along.



Flat Base Dovetail - #1-2

Size: 4 3/8" long x 1 13/16" wide.

Provenance: This was found in either Wayne or Crawford County, Ohio. Collector hunted those areas.

Condition: Excellent. There is an old impact fracture that I highlighted in the pictures. Amazingly, this impact didn't break the tip off. Piece displays like whole, and the impact doesn't effect overall condition much b/c of the way it formed. High grade Flint Ridge, which is the material choice for nearly 100% of this rare Dovetail variant. I love the way the notches are different sizes, and this was clearly a choice of the maker. Don't miss a chance to get a a piece like this.

Price: $300


Elk River - #1-3

Size: 4 5/8" L x 1 1/4" wide

Provenance: Found in Hart County, Kentucky.

Condition: Super. There is a reason this is one of the most desirable Kentucky/TN Archaic types. The secret sauce is the oblique-transverse flaking created in the re-sharpening process. I can't think of a more beautifully executed type. I want to note that this flaking should only appear on one side of this type. A point to make your friends and neighbors jealous.



Elk River - #1-4

Size: 4 5/8" long x 1 3/8" wide.

Provenance: Found near "Flint Island" in Meade County, Kentucky by John Brown in 1971. Flint Island is located a few miles North of Mooleyville, KY. Mark Palatas purchased from Brown 3/27/2005.

Condition: Super. High grade glossy hornstone. I thinks it's perfectly fair to say the flaking is ridiculously good. Show me something better. Excellent find history. If you think I won't regret selling this, you don't know me.



Elk River - #1-5

Size: 4 1/8" long x 1 5/16" wide.

Provenance: Find details not known. Based on known distribution patterns, this piece would come from the Ohio River Drainage in Kentucky/Indiana.

Condition: Excellent. Rounded tip with a bit of damage to the area. Still, a solid 8. In terms of the group of 4, this is my favorite. You may need it in your hand to understand, but everything about it is flint work genius. Ergonomics, beauty, function... And so classic in every manner. A true master work of the prehistoric.

Price: $750


Sonora Flint Quad - #1-6

Size: 2" L x 1" W.

Provenance: Ashland, Kentucky. Boyd County. This is not the center of Sonora distribution, and this one was a traveler. I don't know who marked with 707, but it is older India Ink.

Condition: Super. I think this is the cat's meow. Superior material, color, age.... Not realy big, but mighty.



Hardin - #1-7

Size: 3 1/2" long x 1 9/16" wide.

Provenance: Found in Hancock County, Illinois. Old India Ink #1857 from a collection I am not familiar with.

Condition: Super. Minor ding to one ear. The line running through the entire piece is not a break. It is a quartz vein. Piece is 100% intact. Hardin's are perhaps my favorite flint type in hand. They are so well constructed, with such graceful lines, and obviously extremely efficient at accomplishing a task. If like to play with microscopes, you will quite enjoy the exam of this piece. Littered with minerals. The grade and quality of this Burlington Chert is way above the norm.



Early Ovoid Knife (Perino) - #1-8

Size: 5 3/4" L x 1 9/16" W.

Provenance: Ohio County, Kentucky.

Condition: Excellent. Huge size. Classic Early Ovoid. If you don't know, this is a considered a Paleo form. Extremely rare, highly desirable... I want to call this material Harrodsburg Chert, but not 100%. There are certainly some circular fossils that you expect with the material. This is a favorite type of mine, and very few folks can say they own one.

Price: $750


Dovetail - #1-9

Size: 4 3/8" L x 1 1/2" W.

Provenance: Tazewell County, Illinois.

Condition: Super. Ears aren't quite perfect. I would rate this a solid 9. Killer patina, Great workmanship. Classic dovetail.



Flint Ridge Dovetail - #1-10

Size: 3 5/16" long x 1 3/8" wide.

Provenance: Very cool that this piece was found near Fort Ancient. Warren County. x: old timer EK Petrie, with his writing on it. DA was a price code

Condition: Super. A nip to the tip. Superior material, form, and mineralization. Dove's like this are what everyone is looking for. The combination of the traits just not seen in this day and age of cleaned up flint selling for thousands without a speck of age. Get one you can always be confident in.



Lost Lake - #1-11

Size: 2 1/4" Lx 1 5/8" W

Provenance: Clark County, Kentucky.

Condition: Super. I have had this piece for probably 20 years. I am sure I pictured it in some book I was in. A great small Lake. You guys figure out the material. I don't know. It is not Ridge. Something from KY with a great inclusion on the base that is highly translucent. A little quartz diamond down there also.



Hornstone Lance - #1-12

Size: 2 1/8" L x 1 1/16" W.

Provenance: Irv Daughtery collection "M-160"

Condition: Super. Fine little Late Paleo piece. I would call this a true atl-atl dart point. Greasy hornstone on a sweet killing machine.

Price: $150









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