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Welcome! Midwest Prehistoric Artifacts is a website dedicated to the buying, selling, and trading of authentic prehistoric artifacts. All items are guaranteed as such. You will find arrowheads, spearheads, axes, bannerstones, gorgets, celts, adzes, and even birdstones on our pages.

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Posted 12/26/17

Note: Sometimes you have to hit the "refresh" button or the "f5" button to remove older versions of my site, and see the current offerings. Please try this, b/c many computers save the old versions of the pages. I hear about this multiple times per week, so please try it. To Help let you know if page is current, each page now has the updated date at the top of it. These dates should always match the posted date on this page. If your date does not match, then use procedure above.

UPDATE: Merry Christmas/Happy New Year. I updated the sold and reserved items. I will not be adding items until the second week in January.

Message: I have a Facebook Group that can be found by searching @prehistoricartifacts. The page is listed as a "reference website" on Facebook, and I have been posting interesting artifacts and topics on the forum. Another reason to join/follow the group is that I will be announcing website updates on it. Let me know if you need help joining.

Keep checking the site, and don't be shy with inquiries.


Posted 12/26/17

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